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Studio Liability Release

I understand that Yoga, Personal Fitness Training (1:1 or small group), and any other exercise program can be physically intensive, and I voluntarily assume the risk inherent in my participation in exercise classes at Whitetop Yoga LLC, including the risk of injury, accident, death, loss, cost or damage to my person or property. I release and indemnify Whitetop Yoga LLC from and against, any and all such claims and liabilities, including attorneys' fees.

Yoga and physical exercise is an individual experience. I understand that in yoga, and in any other exercise class, I will progress at my own pace. If at any point I feel overexertion or fatigue, I will respect my own body's limitations and I will rest before continuing yoga or any other exercise.

By signing my name below, I acknowledge that participation in yoga classes or any other exercise class exposes me to a possible risk of personal injury. I am fully aware of this risk and hereby release Whitetop Yoga LLC, Robyn Raines and / or any other persons who may teach at or contract with Whitetop Yoga LLC, from any and all liability, negligence, or other claims, arising from, or in any way connected, with my participation in yoga and any other exercise class.

My signature further acknowledges that I shall not now, or at any time in the future, bring any legal action against Whitetop Yoga LLC, Robyn Raines and /or any other persons who may teach or be contracted with at Whitetop Yoga LLC; and that this waiver is binding on me, my heirs, my spouse, my children, my legal representatives, my successors and my assigns.

My signature verifies that I am physically fit to participate in yoga classes, or any other exercise classes, and a licensed medical doctor has verified my physical condition for participation in this type of class.

If I am pregnant, or become pregnant, or am post-natal, my signature verifies that I am participating in yoga, or any other exercise classes, with my doctor's full approval. I assume responsibility to update Whitetop Yoga LLC of any changes in my medical condition that might affect my safety or participation in any classes at Whitetop Yoga LLC.

I realize that I am participating in yoga, or any other exercise classes, at my own risk.


My signature is binding to this liability waiver from this day forth.

Signature _________________________________________________

Date _______________________


As legal guardian of ________________________________, we consent to the above conditions.

Signature of Guardian: _______________________________

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