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Megan Pintus has spent the last 8 years living in various places, but has found her home in Abingdon, VA — in a large part thanks to Whitetop Yoga. She began her yoga journey in college when she practiced Bikram yoga in Washington. However, her hunger for deeper spiritual knowledge led her to explore various types of yoga and philosophy with little satisfaction. Megan, a naturally curious, competitive, and impatient person, had her first taste of peace at Whitetop yoga 2 1/2 years ago and has since been studying the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga with the WTY community. Megan found that yoga has been a safe place to ask big questions, explore the ability of her body, and continue her journey of falling in love with the world, her community, and herself.

Megan recently completed her RYT 200 hour with Katie Silcox and Julie Rutherford in Tantric Yoga — Tantra meaning ‘a method of expansion’, moving from your limitations to your full potential. Tantra believes in growth from all experiences and that demonizing any part of life is to reject the divine. This lineage utilizes asana, pranayama, and visualization in guided meditation to connect to the divine through the 5 senses. Tantric yoga focuses on harnessing Shakti, the force of creativity and change, in order to move through the world with more confidence and contentment, transforming day-to-day experiences into a cause for blissful celebration.

Megan Pintus instructs the following:
  • JOY Series - Bring a friend for $5
  • Join us for the season of JOY! This 3 week series will focusing on celebration, connection, and community! 
    We want to be able to share with those you love. We know this season is full of people traveling to gather and celebrate together. So bring a friend or family member for only $5! 
    This class will be suitable for all levels. 
    No need to preregister your friend - just bring your friend and $5.

  • Meditation
  • Have you been trying to incorporate more mindfulness into your yoga and your life? At Whitetop Yoga, we believe meditation is as important as the physical movement of yoga. 
    Often people think they are 'not good' at meditation because they have trouble emptying their mind and sitting still. What if your mind did not need to be emptied? We believe the mind is a powerful tool and meditation is more about directing the mind rather than shutting it down. 
    During these meditation classes, you will learn the science behind why and how meditation works as well as practical tools for you to try at home!
    Learn the powers of partnering the physical yoga practice with the practice of meditation! 

  • Power of Presence Flow
  • “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” -Marianne Williamson

    Join Megan Pintus after work Tuesday evenings for a new take on what it means to be powerful, both on and off the mat. When we think "power yoga," we tend to think about the physicality of our asana practice, about the chiseled arms we get from all those yogi push-ups, and about how far we can push ourselves physically: always seeking a bigger, better, stronger edge.

    While this class does offer a physically challenging practice, students are guided through a flow much greater than the vinyasa itself, and that is the divine gift of our presence, breath to breath. Students of this practice will walk away knowing that our true power lies not in the strength of our physical bodies, but in our ability to remain present, to sit with whatever arises moment to moment, and to do all of this with steadiness and ease.


  • Rise and Shine Flow
  • The golden hour for yoga is definitely first thing in the morning when the mind is quiet and impressionable.  Set the tone for your day with this medium intensity flow.  Class includes meditation, intention setting, core work, standing flow and backbends.  Perfect way to start your day.
    Pre-registration for this class is strongly encouraged.

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