Christina Gomez

Christina started practicing yoga in her early twenties.

She had always struggled with flexibility and was intimidated by yoga at first but once she started attending classes, she fell in love.

While Christina originally started yoga to improve her flexibility, as time went on, yoga became so much more to her than flexibility or a good workout.

Being a perfectionist she had struggled with anxiety in the past, especially when she was in graduate school.

Yoga has taught Christina to live in the moment, not worry about the past or future and to leave behind things that no longer serve her.

We are often our own worst critic, yoga teaches us to be kind to ourselves and to love ourselves despite our imperfections.

Christina completed the RYT 200 yoga teacher training program through Bristol Yoga and InnerSea Yoga.

She is constantly excited to teach and share her passion of yoga with her students.

Christina hopes yoga will improve her students' life and well being as it has done for her.

Christina Gomez instructs the following:
  • Rise and Shine Flow
  • The golden hour for yoga is definitely first thing in the morning when the mind is quiet and impressionable.  Set the tone for your day with this medium intensity flow.  Class includes meditation, intention setting, core work, standing flow and backbends.  Perfect way to start your day.
    Pre-registration for this class is strongly encouraged.

  • Yoga for Everyone
  • Set the tone for your Saturday with this medium intensity mixed-level flow that is a great option for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. Class includes intention setting, breath work, and a standing flow and finishes with a long, slow, deep stretch.
    Perfect way to start your weekend!

  • Candlelight Slow Flow
  • Mindful vinyasa set to the backdrop of candlelight. A beautiful and peaceful way to breathe, move, and restore after a long day.  Multi-level class, modifications will be given.  

  • Power Vinyasa
  • Join us for a powerful asana practice, mediation and self-inquiry experience that will not only stretch, strengthen and empower you in body and being, but that will be more FUN than you have ever imagined possible on the yoga mat. We don’t pretend that our partnership in your empowerment will be effortless — but it will be extraordinarily rewarding.  Be prepared to sweat and smile!
    *This class is not recommended for beginners

  • Espresso Lunch Flow
  • This 45 minute class is a quick shot of easy movement and relaxation in the middle of your day.  Perfect to refresh during your lunch hour.

  • Vinyasa
  • Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga focused on creating energy, freedom and vitality. Through the perfect balance of breath and movement, this flow style practice honors each individual and their needs.  Vinyasa yoga enlivens the body, allowing for optimal health of the mind and body.  All levels welcome.

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