Cory Scott

Cory Scott instructs the following:
  • Mindful Morning Flow
  • Join Cory for this 75 minute class to start your day mindfully! Cory will guide you through strong movements connecting the body and breath. She will help you gain strength and confidence and then help you find rest and release. 

  • Remembering What Matters with Cory Scott
  • Ever feel like you aren’t enough? Not doing enough, not successful enough, not flexible enough, not strong enough, not a good enough parent/spouse/friend/family member? The holiday season can bring celebration and joy, but also feelings of grief, insecurity, and fear.

    Gratitude practices are common in the month of November, but when we are caught up in comparing ourselves to others, or feeling inadequacy or grief, these practices can feel irritating and difficult. Remembering what matters is like a magic elixir: the portal back to gratitude, abundance, and harmony.

    In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will have the opportunity to listen deeply to your authentic self and find your aspiration and intention for the holiday season. We will bring compassionate awareness to the conditioning that obscures our deepest aspirations and cultivate a peaceful presence. During the workshop, participants will cultivate this compassionate awareness and presence through a 1 hour mindful asana practice as well as a 45 minute integrative yoga nidra practice. Participants will also have an opportunity for discussion and reflection.

    In words of the poet Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


    Cost is free for members, 2 class passes, or $30. 

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