Laura Grantham

I have been practicing yoga since 2010. Early on, I enjoyed yoga as a nice class that helped with flexibility and introduced me to the awesomeness of savasana. Then, one of my first teachers let me in on a secret: there is more (much more!) to yoga than just asana practice. Since then, especially with the opening of Whitetop Yoga in 2014, and becoming 200 hour RYT certified in 2017, yoga has shown me a way to discover and celebrate the best me I can possibly be.

When not on the mat, I enjoy riding and messing around with my horses, fly fishing, hunting, gardening, hiking, and just being outdoors. I also enjoy art in many mediums, reading and cooking, especially with ingredients I or my husband Jerry have harvested, plant and animal.

My wish in teaching is to help others explore and discover the best in themselves, and how to gracefully let go of the stuff that does not help you in any way. Whether you are just looking for an asana class that makes you feel good, or wondering about what else yoga can do for you, join me! I’m still learning and exploring myself (I’m starting the RYT 300 hour training in 2018!!), and I welcome you along on the journey.

Laura Grantham instructs the following:
  • Weekend Wrap Up
  • Looking for a way to gracefully wind down from the weekend and mentally prepare for the week ahead? Join Laura Grantham for an hour to pull in all the good energy you collected over your weekend, settle in to a great mind frame, and be ready for whatever the week ahead may bring you. If you need to shake off or let go of “stuff”, we can work on that too. This will be a mix of slow-flow, yin and restorative asanas and breath work to get you where you need to be, physically and mentally.

  • Gentle Flow & Restore
  • This class is a mix of slow flow that focuses on intelligent transitions and breathwork, and then a balance of either deep stretching or restorative poses that will really ground you for your week.
    Mindfully move through slower, gentler yoga postures that are rejuvenating and beneficial for yogis of all levels. Teachers will help students move slowly and comfortably through basic postures while remaining respectful and conscientious of the body’s needs and abilities. This class is perfect for those new to yoga, including individuals with minor physical limitations or who just want to “ease” into their yoga practice.
    Open to all levels and very appropriate for beginners.

  • 2019 First Flow
  • Join Laura Grantham for the first class of 2019 at Whitetop Yoga!
    Come start the year off right by centering, breathing, and honoring the new year. 
    This class will be a yoga flow and suitable for all levels of practitioner. 

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