Do I need to register ahead of time? How about parking?

You may register online, but you do not need to register ahead of time for regularly scheduled classes, however, please leave ample time to find suitable parking and to check in before class. There are several parking options including spaces in front of the building and on Main Street.


Is yoga a form of physical exercise and can I cross train with it?

Yes yoga is a comprehensive form of physical exercise, yet while fitness is an important aspect of yoga, it is not the only benefit you gain from regular practice. One hour of yoga includes both cardiovascular, strength training, weight bearing, endurance, aerobic, and core-based exercises. 


I’m not flexible, can I still do yoga? 

At Whitetop Yoga, we welcome all type of bodies. Yoga is a physical exercise that will help increase your flexibility over time. You do not need to be flexible when you start yoga, however, over time you will see your range of flexibility increase. Over time, the regular and consistent practice of yoga will instill a balance between both strength and flexibility.


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient tradition rooted in India that uses a special type of physical movement and breathing exercises as an entry to a healthy, strong and flexible body, a balanced lifestyle, an open heart and a clear, calm mind. On its most basic level, it is a science of deep personal transformation based on the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, a text authored in Southern Asia sometime between 200 B.C. and 500 B.C.E. The word yoga means to yoke or unify and through regular practice, a dedicated practitioner begins to experience the benefits of a unified state of consciousness, peace of mind and health and well-being.


Why should I choose Whitetop Yoga over all of other centers and gyms that offer yoga?

Whitetop Yoga offers you an unparalleled standard of excellence in all its endeavors. Both our facility and our teachers are unlike any other yoga experience in the Abingdon area. Created as a dedicated yoga studio, Whitetop Yoga offers you comprehensive support for your yoga journey. With our variety of yoga class formats, you will able to find an appropriate class to fit your individual needs. Our teachers are experienced and highly trained. We ask a lot of our staff and they in turn give you a lot back.


Why should I practice yoga?

People come to yoga for many reasons. Whether you are interested in physical fitness, healing chronic injuries, or experiencing inner peace, yoga has something to offer you. It is a fully integrated mind-body technique that is proven in numerous scientific studies to lower your level of stress, while increasing your sense of health and happiness. If you are interested in working with the quality of your mind, a regular yoga practice is the perfect place to practice mental clarity. By synchronizing the breath, body and mind, a dedicated practitioner begins to experience deep and lasting transformation.



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